Code Metric Macros


blt_add_code_coverage_target( NAME               <Created Target Name>
                              RUNNER             <The command to run the tests>
                              SOURCE_DIRECTORIES [dir1 [dir2 ...]] )

Creates a new build target for generating a code coverage report.


Name of created build target


The command used to run the tests, e.g., make test


The directories containing the source code whose test coverage is to be evaluated

Code coverage is the degree to which the tests for a piece of software “cover” functions and/or individual lines of code. It can be used to identify gaps in testing, namely, code that is not tested. GCC’s gcov tool is used to generate the coverage data, and its accompanying lcov tool is used to generate an HTML report containing coverage percentage information and highlighted source code that indicates which code was or was not executed as part of the test suite.


Coverage analysis is only supported by GNU/Clang compilers.

This functionality requires that BLT’s ENABLE_COVERAGE option is enabled and that gcov, lcov, and genhtml are present on your system. To use a specific version of one of these tools, you can set GCOV_EXECUTABLE, LCOV_EXECUTABLE, and GENHTML_EXECUTABLE to point at the desired version(s).


The ENABLE_COVERAGE option will add compiler flags that instrument your code (and slow it down). The option should never be enabled by default in a project for performance reasons.