Build, Link, and Test

BLT is a composition of CMake macros and several widely used open source tools assembled to simplify HPC software development.

BLT was released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) under a BSD-style open source license. It is developed on github under LLNL’s github organization:


BLT officially supports CMake 3.8 and above. However we only print a warning if you are below this version. Some features in earlier versions may or may not work. Use at your own risk.

BLT at a Glance

  • Simplifies setting up a CMake-based build system
    • CMake macros for:
      • Creating libraries and executables
      • Managing compiler flags
      • Managing external dependencies
    • Multi-platform support (HPC Platforms, OSX, Windows)
  • Batteries included
    • Built-in support for HPC Basics: MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA
    • Built-in support for unit testing in C/C++ and Fortran
  • Streamlines development processes
    • Support for documentation generation
    • Support for code health tools:
      • Runtime and static analysis, benchmarking